A Legend. If you get to become friends with an Eckert you won’t regret it. Overall a great friend.
That guy over there is an Eckert.
by bec-2314 August 16, 2018
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The desperate act of a transvestite using shards of glass as "pleasure balls", when there is no dildo around.
by Jason Clevenger March 25, 2009
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(v.) Throwing up out the passenger window of a car going down the highway, subsequently showering the victims in the back seat with a cyclone of liquor and stomach acid.
Guy1: We did good work last night. The bachelor got sick.
Guy2: Oh yea he did. He was Eckerting on us coming up highway 75.
by ltka44 June 21, 2013
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The prettiest girl you will ever meet. Once you see through how much she farts and burps, she is always there for you.
Have you seen that girl? She’s such an ella eckert?
by Poopoo mcbuttnugget November 27, 2019
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lil bitch boy that'll make write down a 100% tip on your card without you knowing
Sam: "Wow I can't believe that Ethan Eckert tipped on your card and made you go broke"
Me: Yeah hes a bitch
by miksu-chan May 10, 2022
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There was a moment during the Victorian Era when a young, who changed horseshoes for a living ended up in the witness box. This young man pleaded that he correctly re-installed the attendant's horseshoe, where it came lose resulting in 23,000 shillings worth of damages. This young man stalled in the witness booth and lied. A term for someone of such character is now reffered to by the phrase Eckertted
Oh no, I think he is going to eckert
I think he just Eckertted
by Barrister 1 July 27, 2021
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