Also "pu nanny"

See "pussy"
I went over to Kim's house for a little punanny.
by Mister Man March 12, 2003
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pussy , twat , snatch , vagina ,hot chick.
can i touch your punanni?(please)
where is all the good punanni?
by hornskull December 6, 2003
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The punanni aka Twat-Slot ... A femals sex hole which allows rigid objects to be stuck in.
"There is too much weiner here, call some punanni over."

"I would eat punanni for 25 cents"
by Justin Grant March 15, 2005
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More prominently used by Janet Jackson's character, Justice, in John Singleton's 1993 motion picture, "Poetic Justice". Also starring Tupac Shakur.
"You want some of this punannie, don't you?"
by Lioness73 September 7, 2008
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The juicy, fat part under the belly of a woman also known as nanny, pum pum, punki
Person 1:I stick it in she punanny
Person 2:If I was you I would if eat it out
by D. Man with d plan December 21, 2018
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