This is a contraction of, " Cop you are late." As we all know, cops aren't the most timely when it comes to an emergency situation and often times show up later than we'd prefer depending on the severity of the situation in question.
Susan: "Copulate and now he's gone."

Officer: "Can you describe the assailant."
by Cbranson November 19, 2010
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To fornicate, an act usually followed by a steamy excrement of relief. Well, for me anyway.
I copulated with your aunties and then defecated on their bed in response to my pleasure.
by Didda Tinkle July 6, 2004
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to have illicit intercourse with a serving police officer
sgt. cryer told thunderthighs that if she let him copulate with herin the panda, then he would'nt charge her with
by theWestHamfan November 15, 2003
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