Give me all of your bongs and your bud and your money and we have to switch parents
Hey man can you punch me
by Clockman April 07, 2018
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A term given to a person, usually a man, that has an excruciating characteristic, usually physical, that makes you unwillingly want to deck them in the face. They pretty much look like huge assholes, you'll know one when you see one. They may not necessarily be an asshole. Jack Nicholson and AJ Pierzynski have intense punch me faces.
"I got fired from work today."
"No shit? Why?"
"I don't know, my boss just has this punch me face."
by ShaneP!!! June 10, 2007
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When someone's so attractive, any physical contact will do. People who feel a strong attraction to a good looking person will often throw this term around. Variants include "kick my ass into outer space", "stomp on me", etc.
"Ugh, Fletcher Shears is so hot, I want him to punch me in the face!"
"Punch me in the face please."
by girlfriendgoat August 22, 2018
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A persons face that simply by its presence demands action, usually punching (kicking, slapping or stabbing also apply).

Victims are helpless to resist physically damaging people who don't cover up their 'Punch me face' due to an allergic reaction with the optic nerve.
Examples include but are not limited to: Justin Bieber, The cast of jersey shore

Person1: There is a Justin Bieber gig tonight.
Person2: They have to pay security A LOT to keep the audience back at his gigs
Person1: why? His musak sucks!
Person2: Yes, but he has punch me face
Person1: You mean like the cast of Jersey Shore?
Person2: Correct Sir!
by punchlinestapler September 23, 2010
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phrase used negatively when saying "fuck me up the ass" is not appropriate.
this is not meant to be explicit. PUNCH ME- aggressive while UP THE BUTT- just all around bad.
"DUDE i have to go to a debate tournament instead of a rave. Punch Me Up The Butt"

"lolz h3 pwn'd m3. PMUTB"
by Lil Ton February 20, 2008
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When someone has the ever so familiar look of wanting to punch you in the face and you tell them to, you provoke them by repeating it louder and more aggressive until it happens, you expected it, and when it happens, you can't believe they did it.
Me: "You want to punch me right now, you want to punch me right now, but you wont. You want to punch me to Bryan? You guys both look like you might want to hit me in the face. You do, I can tell. Well why don't you do it! Why don't you punch me in the face?! PUNCH ME... IN THE FUCKING FACE!!!!"

Person1: (Punched Me in the Fucking Face)

punch me in the fucking face
by eliotores October 15, 2010
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Gay ass line from Spider-Man 2 that makes no God Damn sense
Peter: I’m not an empty seat anymore, Punch me I bleed
by Amp020115 March 20, 2019
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