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A more subtle way of calling someone a jerkoff/jackoff. One who pulls his pud instead of doing what he is supposed to.
It took us 6 hours to play golf because there were so many pullers in front of us.
by hititlong January 04, 2006
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A man or a woman that has the ability to attract the opposite sex without effort
Ron Gilbert is a puller
by Ailee September 25, 2003
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A MMORPG term refering to the job of one of the PCs or "Player Characters" in a hunting party. A puller is usually a less powerful character who is very fast and/or good at hiding who almost always has special skills to attract the attention of an NPC. If done properly, the player can "pull" an NPC or two away from a much larger group into the hands of the hunting party, saving the party from having to fight all of the NPCs at once, who might otherwise be able to kill the players.
"I think I see five demons and two dragons up ahead. I doubt we can take more then two at a time. Who is the puller?"

"I am."

"Try to pull only one demon at a time. They are easier to kill then those dragons and give better loot."

by David J. B. January 20, 2005
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A wanker in Australia; a tosser in UK. One who has a grip on himself, but not reality, esp in relation to his place in it.
That bloke is a real puller.
by Richard September 03, 2003
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A device used for the sole purpose of snorting cocaine, such as a straw or other hollow plastic tube.

While rolled up paper currency can also be used to snort coke, it is not considered a puller because its use as a device for taking drugs is only a secondary function, not its main function.
Hand me the puller, I want to do another line
by _zima_ March 23, 2008
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noun: A Woman of any age who boldly wears a little skirt or short-shorts out of the house, but once in public she loses her nerve and then spends all night self-consciously yanking and tugging said skirt/shorts down so that less of her skin is exposed.
“Check out that Blonde over there in that sexy mini-dress, she's so hot...Oh, but look at how she keeps pulling down on her dress,....Yup, she's a puller. Too bad.”
by goodcop8 November 10, 2007
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A Puller is the opposite of a pushr (which is a drug dealer). A Puller is someone who does hard drugs and pulls prom there pusher ussually asking pushers fot their drugs.
Joey's a puller because he just went out and bought crack from the neighbourhood pusher
by LiL G 91 November 18, 2009
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