12 definitions by hititlong

The most awful state of being possible.
After flying 18 hours to Japan, next to 2 smelly fat guys and 3 screaming children, I was totally infested.
by hititlong December 27, 2005
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1. A situation where way too many people are doing nothing and getting in the way and there is a lot of waiting around.

2. A situation where everyone is raining praise on eachother.
1. The DMV is a total jackfest.

2. The board meating was a total jackfest
by hititlong January 04, 2006
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Someone who is an over the top dork. Someone who is trying way too hard to be cool and fails miserably.
Look at that guy in the polyester leisure suit trying to pick up on that super model. What a home slice.
by hititlong January 01, 2006
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1. A good friend.
2. A good friend who is committing an act that steps over the line.
1. Hey cheese, what's up.
2. Listen cheese, keep your hands off my wife's ass.
by hititlong January 01, 2006
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The act of lubing up ones penis and inserting it in a womans anus when she isn't expecting it.
If you don't start being a little nicer to me, I'm going to give you an astroglide surprise in the middle of the night.
by hititlong January 05, 2006
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Some who plays golf and doesn't get the ball in the air.
That guy thinks he's Tiger Woods, even though he's a bowler.
by hititlong February 03, 2006
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An ironic name for a girl who won't have anal sex.
Hey salad girl, why won't you let me do you in the pooper.
by hititlong January 04, 2006
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