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1-The condition of being exhausted and tired, all at once.

2-More than tired, more than exhausted.

3-Condition of extreme fatigue when you temporarily become
derranged, forget how to talk (not remember certain
words or how to pronounce them), get confused easily,
hallucinate, talk to trees or mailboxes, babbble
randomly, find normal things hillarious for no reason,
or even smellucinate.

3-(Exhausted + Tired)
"Back-to-back double shifts, 80 hours in two days, no
sleep, no rest, not enough coffee, man, I am so exired!"
by goodcop8 August 11, 2007
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1: to irritate so that it makes one's blood become angry.

2: to cause, by reason of stupidity, ineptitude, malice, or uncaring, the blood of another to become angry.

3: to think certain thoughts or participate in any such behaviour that would tend to cause your own blood to become angry.
"I don't read newspapers, they anger up the blood."
by goodcop8 October 27, 2007
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1: the condition where you have become very irritated, so much so that your blood gets angry.

2: having blood that is angry
"My doctor says I shouldn't be doing that; He has diagnosed me with having Angry-Blood."
by goodcop8 October 27, 2007
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1: having a condition of being seriously pissed-off

2: the Accute-Stage of Angry-Blood.
"Get your dirty dick-beater prints off that brass ASAP before I get a case-of-the-red-ass"
by goodcop8 October 27, 2007
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US Army slang for the human mouth.

As heard yelled by Sand-Hill Drill-Sergeants, RI's, and some particularly old-school/politically in-correct 1SGT'and CSM's when they've got a case of the Red-Ass.

*Note: this term is NOT meant to be homo-phobic, nor does it imply or suggest any degree of homosexuality on anyone's part, it is simply a term of endearment to be used when you're pissed-off at someone.
"All of you, shut your goddam fucking cock-holsters and listen up...!"
by goodcop8 October 27, 2007
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The Blackhawk helicopter, derogative term,
see "Crash-Hawk"
The evolution of the Crashhawk as the main conveyance for air-insertion operations is a perfect example of the current trend of backward progression plauging infantry small-unit operations.
by goodcop8 January 7, 2007
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a bitter US Army Grunt slang term for the Blackhawk transport helicopter. Used because of the helicopter's predisposition to crashing for no particular reason. Most often uttered in disgust by those combat troops who routinely find themselves being inserted/transported into action while riding in one of these inferior helicopters.
Note: the Blackhawk(Crash-hawk) replaced the venerable and beloved Bell-Huey chopper, most likely because the latter was too safe & reliable and the Gov't wasn't making and/or generating enough contact money replacing/repairing them.
Move it! We've got to get Sanchez to the Crash-hawk ASAP, poor bastard's got himself a sucking-chest-wound!
by goodcop8 December 9, 2006
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