John's gonna let his son be a pullback because he can't stand to think of the cutting.
by Magnion October 14, 2010
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Slang for an uncircumcised penis derived by the action of pulling back the foreskin literally before intercourse, urination, or docking.
Matt: "Hey YOU come here, are you circumcised?"

Thomas: "Nah"

Matt: "Sick dude, you have a fricken pullback"
by Thomas Wu July 20, 2006
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the act of pulling back the skin of the Penis for enjoyment
mitch - man i just pulled back my foreskin in the shower!
aaron - what the fuck man? your a pullback
by johnlongsmith September 21, 2009
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Someone who's not circumsized . they have to pull skin back to pee materbate and etc.
Calvin : Have You Seen Yrn Pullback ?
Jason : Ya Mosses Is Over There
Calvin : 😂😂
by Dadddyy November 24, 2015
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When the labia is so meaty and dangly that those meat curtains are grasped, one in each hand, and stretched and pulled to the left and right like a set of stage curtains opening the stage for sexual play. The opening act is typically a spirited round of cunnilingus.
Rachel did the old curtain pullback for me last night so I buried my face and nose all up in there for an hour.
by Eaton Holgoode January 26, 2018
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Falling back of a stock price from a peak. This price movement may be seen as a brief reversal of the prevailing upward trend and could signal a slight pause in upward momentum.
Bloomberg Breaking News : Analysts from Double Rainbow Capital Group advise viewers that they are expecting a typical "foreskin pullback" in this hard upward momentum in today's market.
by gspot2002 October 24, 2011
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A man who is dumber then a door knob
Hey dean your such a pullback going to tutoring
by the redskin January 17, 2009
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