Used as a more socially acceptable word in place of the word fucking as a way to:
1. Express intensity or
2. Used by some individuals out of habit.
1. "The bus was fricken crowded!"
2. "You should use an aerator. It's this machine that looks like a fricken lawn mower."
by Gerry H September 4, 2006
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(adv.)A diluted alternative for the word "fucking" or "fucken". (See "fucking", pg. 68)
1) "Dude, that is fricken awesome!"
2)"My fricken math teacher is the biggest dillhole on the planet."
by Ted Wilde August 19, 2004
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the shorter, combined version of "fried chicken".
J: "Let's go get some fricken at KFC"
L: "Good idea man. I love me some fricken"
by Kurt_cocaine May 31, 2017
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Chandlers mix of 'fried' and 'chicken' to create a quick and easy mix for 'fried chicken'.

Simple as!
Chandler - 'Does anyone want any fricken?'

Monica - 'Will you shut up?'
by Phantomtek June 6, 2005
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that fricken was AWESOME!!!!!!!

she gave me the best fricken i ever had last night.
by jordannicole October 25, 2009
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a term used in frustration, basically meaning "Stupid peice of crap!"
"I dropped my pizza! Fricken A!!
by Kayla Pape October 4, 2003
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