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Rasputin" Hannah give me a jalopy for my birth day comrade"
by Otto January 29, 2017
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Oh, there they go.
by Otto May 25, 2004
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1. a large musical instrument similar to a piano.
2. a mass of tissue(a mass of cells) working together for a common goal. multiple organs are parts of systems. ie: digestive system, made up of the organs: esaphogus, stomach, intestine.
1. Holy shit thats an awesome organ!

2. I got some kick-ass organs
by Otto November 2, 2003
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Real Time in the Nunavut Territory.
An automotive reference to the speed of events, especially those effected by Natures's still dominant presence in that Canadian Territory.
The crew was in "Nunavut gear", next to neutral, waiting for a plane that can not fly in current conditions.
by Otto December 27, 2004
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Yo dude, you down with OCP?
Hell yeah man, you know me!
by Otto November 2, 2003
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to take a hit from a blunt, bong, bowl, joint, ect...
yo b let me get a pull of your L
by Otto February 2, 2005
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