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Two or more people smoking marijuana inside a moving vehicle.
Lets merge on the way home.
by Otto November 11, 2006
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The degree to which the perception of an individual's intelligence is reduced by the fact that they have enlisted.
I knew that Mike was in special ed in high-school, but I never guessed he was stupid enough to join the army.
by Otto May 6, 2005
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Yo dude, you down with OCP?
Hell yeah man, you know me!
by Otto November 3, 2003
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1. a large musical instrument similar to a piano.
2. a mass of tissue(a mass of cells) working together for a common goal. multiple organs are parts of systems. ie: digestive system, made up of the organs: esaphogus, stomach, intestine.
1. Holy shit thats an awesome organ!

2. I got some kick-ass organs
by Otto November 3, 2003
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when you want to say somethings nice but want to do it in a non-chalant "Indifferent" attitude. originated in East-Dubuque Illinois
also can be used to lazily say "thats nice" like after somebody has told you a story that nobody cares about
Joe: I went to the dump today!
Miles: Snice!
by Otto November 3, 2003
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