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Two or more people smoking marijuana inside a moving vehicle.
Lets merge on the way home.
by Otto November 11, 2006
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The degree to which the perception of an individual's intelligence is reduced by the fact that they have enlisted.
I knew that Mike was in special ed in high-school, but I never guessed he was stupid enough to join the army.
by Otto May 6, 2005
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Yo dude, you down with OCP?
Hell yeah man, you know me!
by Otto November 3, 2003
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Real Time in the Nunavut Territory.
An automotive reference to the speed of events, especially those effected by Natures's still dominant presence in that Canadian Territory.
The crew was in "Nunavut gear", next to neutral, waiting for a plane that can not fly in current conditions.
by Otto December 27, 2005
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1. One who wears an arse on his head, either physically or metaphorically. In the case of the latter, usually with reference to worddonit/word behaviour.

2. Forward-looking videogame developers.
"Trip Hawkins you are an arsehat"
by Otto August 12, 2003
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