when you are with an injured survivor and you are in the healthy state, let the injured survivor go in front of you so they don't get hit by the killer. instead, you will get hit and since you are in the healthy state, you will not go down from the hit.
"take a hit! im on death hook!"
by ayy beast August 21, 2021
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The act of willingly not studying "testable" exam material due to the perceived time costs associated with learning said material exceeding the perceived benefits of potential marks one would receive from studying said material.
Lianne, don't bother studying the PT 863 Geriatrics - student group presentations. It's not worth it. Just take the hit! #Takethehit
by Kash&Geoff: Engagement Hunters October 17, 2014
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When one brave man sacrifices himself for the greater good of the team.
Taking the hit. Round 1.

Guys: Wow those girls are hot, but they've got that DUFF with them. Someone's gonna have to take the hit.

Hero: I'll do it.

(Thus the hit was taken so all could prosper)
by DUB_King March 26, 2009
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A verb phrase that is an idiom for hiring a hit-man to assassinate someone.
I'm gonna make them 'take a hit'.
by RekVille February 28, 2018
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absorbing a minor setback to make a major comeback

commonly used in hockey
Aye bro i’m still on delivered.
No worries, take a hit make a play- we’re going out tonight.
by dryrock0 October 14, 2022
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Taking hits refers to (excessive) financial expenditure that is typically unavoidable.
Sorry i didnt call you bro. my tutition fees are due. got to take the hit.I hate taking hits .
by romstar February 4, 2010
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