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Usually used in reference to a lady who has a revolving door to her bedroom. Though less common, 'slag' may also be applied to males who spread their seed too thinly and on bad soil.
"She slept with, John, Rick, Tom and Peter, and that was before breakfast. She's such a slag."
by Umbongo - England March 30, 2003
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Acronym for Visible Panty Line.

Since the Nobel Prize for Outstanding Services to Mankind was awarded to Sisqo
for promoting the thong, VPL has
fortunately become a rarer sight on the bottoms of women across the globe.

VPL is where the panties of a woman are visible through the material of lower-body clothing. This is a definite fashion misdemeanor (as any gbf will tell you). VPL damages the aesthetic beauty of a fine rump, and can be very harmful to a woman's health.

Only in two cases is it allowable to have VPL - During Rag Week and severe hemorrhoids.

Known cures for VPL are the G-string, V-string, thong, tanga, T-back and
going commando.
- "Damn! Check dat booty!"
- "Nah, man. Can't see it for all that VPL."
by Umbongo - England April 1, 2003
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If a person is 'going commando', they are not wearing any underwear.

It is called 'going commando' because of an old practice in the army, where, so you didn't shit your underwear in battle, you didn't wear any - and therefore could boast that you didn't shit your pants.

Also a known cure for vpl.
"I'm gonna wear those really tight shorts and go commando to show off my bulge."
by Umbongo - England April 1, 2003
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A splicing of the words 'massive' and 'huge'. Used to indicate that something is large in measurement, and that the size need be excitedly proclaimed.
"Did you see that burger fat Jake ate? It was mahusive!"
by Umbongo - England March 31, 2003
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A fictional vaginal area invented by Feminists circa 1963 in order to confound men in the bedroom, and therefore justify the uselessness of the male species by their inability to locate it.

Supposedly, rythmic pressure applied to a clitoris may provide headache relief in the female species.

"Along with the City of Atlantis, the clitoris is one of mankinds greatest myths."
by Umbongo - England March 30, 2003
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The fourth science after Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Cockology relates to the study of the male genital organ.
"Jessica sucks dick like she got a PHD in Cockology!"
by Umbongo - England April 2, 2003
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Rag Week. This is a special religious festival in every woman's calender. It is celebrated for one week in every month, and is dedicated to the Greek Goddess 'Tam-Pax' (also known as 'Queen of Bitches').

During this week, females of child-bearing age offer blood to symbolise their sistership with each other, and their devotion to the Goddess.

A special sport called 'man-baiting' is also practised during the festivities, where women must say everything a man does is wrong (even if it isn't, or she asked him to do it 5 minutes earlier).

"I love going down on my girlfriend during rag week.
by Umbongo - England April 1, 2003
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