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A thief, a crook. An untrustworthy person, particularly one who steals outright or over-charges for merchandise.

(Hebrew & Yiddish: ganev, meaning thief)
Did you see what those gonifs at the new store are charging for t-shirts?
by bluegrassfan February 1, 2005
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Chiefly British.
1. To kiss someone; to initiate a seduction.
2. To kiss and/or fool around with someone in competition with one's friends to see who can put up the highest numbers or attract the most beautiful people around, as much for sheer entertainment's sake as for personal satisfaction. Occurs most frequently in pubs and bars.
Watch me, I'm gonna pull every one of those lads at that table!

My mate pulled five birds at the pub last night.
by bluegrassfan December 23, 2004
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1. Crazy; insane; mad.
2. Crazy person; a lunatic.

From Hebrew via Yiddish meshugener, from meshuge (crazy) + -er (masculine singular person suffix)

Often pronounced without final -r, influenced by both Yiddish gender inflection and non-rhotic American dialectal pronunciation.
I was sitting there eating my breakfast when this meshuggener burst in the front door of the restaurant and tried to take us all hostage.
by bluegrassfan February 1, 2005
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1. A variety of bagpipes played in traditional Swedish folk music.
2. The male genitalia; less commonly, the penis.
You look like you have a lot of musical talent. Care to come back to my place and put your lips to my Swedish bagpipes?
by bluegrassfan February 1, 2005
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Twitching, loss of balance and motor skills, and hallucinations caused by intense alcohol abuse; technical term is delirium tremens.
1. "And the cooks cleaned the kitchen with the staggers and the jags." -- Gillian Welch & David Rawlings

2. The barfly barely made it to the restroom through the staggers and jags.
by bluegrassfan December 23, 2004
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1. To carry something heavy.
2. To carry something in a dragging fashion, as if tired.
3. To go somewhere, particularly somewhere far away or otherwise difficult to reach; often implies resentment of putting forth such effort.
The elevator was broken, so I had to shlep the TV set up five flights of stairs.
I shlepped my book bag behind me.
I shlepped all the way out here from downtown so you could tell me you feel like staying in tonight?
by bluegrassfan December 23, 2004
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