Hey babe, come here quick! There are two guys behind the trash dumpster and one is getting puffed!
by talk2me-JCH November 11, 2016
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a woed meaning angry or pissed off. steming from the term all puffed up.
when I saw him checking out my chick I got puffed.
by george January 20, 2005
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Fictional character with the hability of shapeshifting. Can also be called a "softie", because of the easily changeable (malleable) physical form.
"this character keeps changing the appearance, is it puf?"
"if I could choose a super power, I would be a softie. Shapeshifting is really interesting."
by butterfly on your shoulder February 09, 2020
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When you've got nothing better to say, or when one is stumped.

When you need to say something in an awkward moment.
When you need to fill in the void.
Jane: This is awkward huh.
Bob: Puf.
by Por Favor May 29, 2017
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P.U.F (acronym)
1. Verb:

PICK UP FUCK:(Typically) The male counterpart will lift the female counterpart, to a position in which their sex organs are on an even plane, thusly enhancing the overall sexual experience, and making sexual intercourse possible while standing.

2. Noun:

A sexually attractive female who is petite in physical stature, and can therefore be easily maneuvered during sex.
1. I would like to take that girl from Minnesota home and PUF her until I am physical incapable of doing so.

2. There are several PUFs at the University I attend.
by JDABOMB February 05, 2011
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Promoting false truth about yourself in order to deceive your social media audience into believing your more desired & or popular then you are.

Exaggerating the truth about who you really are in order to fool people into believing your a bigger deal than you really are.
she's puffing about being kicked out of Vidcon, it never happened!
by Exposing the frauds June 26, 2017
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