Promoting false truth about yourself in order to deceive your social media audience into believing your more desired & or popular then you are.

Exaggerating the truth about who you really are in order to fool people into believing your a bigger deal than you really are.
she's puffing about being kicked out of Vidcon, it never happened!
by Exposing the frauds June 26, 2017
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The act of homosexuals exchanging flactulance through rectum to rectum contact; sometimes assisted with tubing connected to each other's anus
My boyfriend and I were puffing and it tasted like Santorum!
by FIREDAVE February 23, 2016
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Pushing your stomach out causing it to look fat.
Kristy was puffing her stomach like a puffer fish.
by Curls42 December 03, 2013
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A type of body building in which they not only try to got big mussels but also a big pecker.
They use male enhancement pills, popers, vacuum pumps ect.
A puffing shows they not only flex there mussels bit also get a hard on to show how big there pecker is.
If you go to a puffing show your probably gay.
by Deep blue 2012 September 12, 2009
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Hey babe, come here quick! There are two guys behind the trash dumpster and one is getting puffed!
by talk2me-JCH2 November 11, 2016
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Fictional character with the hability of shapeshifting. Can also be called a "softie", because of the easily changeable (malleable) physical form.
"this character keeps changing the appearance, is it puf?"
"if I could choose a super power, I would be a softie. Shapeshifting is really interesting."
by butterfly on your shoulder February 09, 2020
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