28 definitions by tuffpuff

to have sex with a woman
doesn't she look some sort of sexy, i would like to raise her spurs
by tuffpuff February 3, 2010
do you see billy over there, don't he look bad as he's been up all night for the last 5 days
by tuffpuff April 8, 2010
paranoid, characterized by suspiciousness, persecutory trends, or megalomania, extremely fearful
looked at tanya, she's been up all night for 5 days & now she's spooked for real
by tuffpuff November 16, 2011
doing or has done something wrong
you see that boy over there is in violation for robbing an old man last night
by tuffpuff January 28, 2010
being broke or always being out of money
i'm going to have to start calling the boy fireplug, because he stays on the curb
by tuffpuff September 13, 2008
the words of sweetness that a man tells a woman when he is trying to entice her
baby, these words that i'm expressing to you are just lyrics from my heart
by tuffpuff April 5, 2009