A common portmandeu used by fans for the Marisa Kirasame & Alice Margatroid coupling from the Touhou game series.
I just read this great MAlice doujin*.
*doujin is an amateur, usually fan-made work.
by Wererat March 16, 2009
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A synonym for: melee

Originally defined as a term to describe hatred, spite, ill will, and so on, the term has gained a broadened definition since the advent of Microsoft's Halo.

The term seemed to hold more meaning to some in terms of hitting or attacking up close as opposed to the much more common use of melee. Malice, for whatever reason, has been adopted to mean 'hit or beat.'

Since Halo, this term's new meaning gradually began expanding to realms outside of Halo.
When they get up close to you like that, you should hit the B button to malice!

Well, this guy was being a jerk to me so I maliced him in the face with the telephone!
by CronoCat January 2, 2005
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Means “King”, a strong willed man who usually doesn’t take others’ crap. Has a kind heart for the ones he truly cares about though he guards it with his hard exterior. When he puts his mind towards something, he almost always gets it done. Very smart even though he may come off otherwise, and very handsome even though he doesn’t always give himself that credit. Because of his laid back attitude, others may perceive him as someone who dgaf. But he does gaf even though he acts like he doesn’t. But despite the naysayers, Malic will come out to being the King he was born to be.
You: hey, what has Malic been up to?

Them: idk man, he doesn’t share much.

You: he’s probably putting in those hours.

Them: it’s Malic man, I wouldn’t put that past him.
by Hayguys101 September 26, 2018
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to rape, stab or molest with a dull spoon
I will malicate you with this dull spoon!
by Benita Noffsinger September 15, 2006
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Something bad.

The usage of this term originated in the pubs of Peterborough in the late 90's / early '00's and was born following a dispute over the winnings from a fruit machine. One individual had inserted a large sum of money in a fruit machine and when said individual ran out of money he went to the bar to change a ten pound note. Whilst getting his change, a 'friend' of this individual put a small amount of his own money into the same fruit machine scooping a rather sieable jackpot (none of which was shared with the individual who had put in a large sum of money). The resulting conversation went something like this:
"You did that with malice you cunt!"
"No I didn't"
"You cunt! You malice cunt. You maliced me."

Malice has been used ever since and has evolved into a word that can be used in conjunction with anything bad or untoward occurring.

"John fell down the stairs this morning"
"Malice. Is he ok?"

"John's parents split up last week"
"Malice. What's his mum's number?"

"Fancy a pint this evening, John?"

... etc.
by stopthebadman September 25, 2009
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A fucking gorgeous female, some what wild in nature, appealing to most that she presents herself to, and possessing a sexual frenzy like no other. Though she holds a evil side none should cross. When angered this female turns into a nightmare, relishing in the torture, almost aroused by it. Revealing her hostile impulse to inflict great pain and or the death of her opponent.
Tom: I want that bitch!
Dick: Caution!! That girl is a malice! She will feed you your own balls if you piss her off!!!
by tom&dick001 March 5, 2011
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The act of skating with malice; intending or intended harm.
Skater Guy One: You go skate last night?
Skater Guy Two: Had a Maliceous night bro!

Skater Guy One: Damn!
by Chase Meë January 19, 2013
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