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The highest ranking member in a Nerd Herd. Usually the most intellectual, intelligent, awesome, and most far out nerd in the group.
Kristen: We must make a sacrifice to the Alpha Nerd!
Group: Yesss, sacrifice Ti-84 calculators and plastic dolls @_@
by TheDome August 25, 2009
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An individual of a community with the highest rank, who is powerful through courage and possesses a competitive, goal-driven, "take charge" attitude, with a bold approach and confidence they are often overachievers and recognized for their leadership qualities, their aggressive tactics and competitiveness. While is devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits with emphasis on achievement in their community.
Often the Military Intel community is full of Alpha Nerds - they have shown an ability to fight and in intellect. While often lacking in social ability.
by LenaJean May 14, 2011
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A person who has the traits of a nerd (meaning knowing lots of nerdy things and acting nerdy about nerdy topics) but seemingly lacks the social rejection stereo-typically associated with nerds and is able to somewhat positively interact with and become involved in non-nerd beings and culture.
Since he was an alpha nerd, Thomas was able to transition from a Pokemon conversation with Liam to casually discussing the previous night's homework with Chloe.
by Thomcat J. G. Bates November 26, 2013
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Contrary to popular belief, the Alpha Nerd is, as in software development, the lowest of the nerd hierarchy. The Alpha Nerd is not necessarily the least intelligent of a given pack of nerds, but instead is the most likely to come to erroneous conclusions based on information. The Omega Nerd is the highest of the nerd hierarchy.
Err is to Human as Error is to Alpha Nerd.
by llAVALANCHEll June 21, 2010
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