A tagalog slang that is actually a shortcut for bestfriend. But usually, Filipino's just use this for anyone and not just their friends. Just like how "fam" is used.
Someone: Bes, what time is it?
Anyone: Idk bes, I left my phone at home.
by Samwan Ober Da Reynbow September 14, 2016
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verb: goofy slang to show the act of being something. most often used in asterisks.
*bes dorky*, *bes cool*
by part-time-lover February 22, 2005
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Ebonics for "best".
Y'all bes get yo ass out there and hustle some rocks and gets me some franklins.
by 50 cent crack dealer July 29, 2003
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An expression that means really good, excellent, cool. It's the word "best" slurred.
Ahhhhh bes
by kidgorgeous April 27, 2003
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Another word for but
was bout ta git into mah ride BES some rudeboy tagged me
by Chikita January 02, 2006
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shortcut for bestfriend

also same meaning for sis, short for sister
girl1: bes, what are time you going to drop by here
Girl2: in a minute sis...
by ish_regs January 03, 2008
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An individual who does not agree to grant another individual consent on any further interaction with out a negative consequence delivered in return
You bes' not turn that tv on 'fore you finish your homework
by Big Ron Stud November 14, 2010
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