The persona that people go by. Normally an online slang name for yourself
hey bro what’s your pseudonym
by oge September 10, 2021
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A fake name or one that is created to keep a persons real name a secret
Back in the 1800s women used pseudonyms because men thought that women were dumb
by Dead ☠️ November 10, 2021
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a fictitious name, especially one used by an author.
"I wrote under the pseudonym of Evelyn Hervey"
by elfii.the.lolii December 15, 2019
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A second name, one that is commonly concidered as a Nickname.
He wrote down his Pseudonym, instead of his actual name.
by Jordan Quill April 10, 2017
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Just before anyone is able to submit some kind of word to the "Urban Dictionary" site, They are asked to put a pseudonym.

A word that normally the average person would not know the definition to.

Your pseudonym: ____________
Your pseudonym: ____________
by MentalBloody December 20, 2017
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you just signed up didnt you? A false name, like a display name
Josh: Hey did you just sign up for instagram?
Sam: Yeah!
Josh: Whats your pseudonym?
by enderjester May 31, 2021
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