About a century of time: all those years starting with 18, 1800-1899. A trifle different than nineteenth century, which is 1801-1901.

Often confounded with "Victorian," which is the period 1840-1901 when Victoria was Queen of England, which had several subordinate periods of fashion, technology, and culture (as a rational person ought to expect from 60 years). The 1800s included such political eras as the Napoleonic period (he became First Consul in 1802), the Regency (English rule by the Prince Regent, 1811-1821), the Second Empire in France, the Civil War/War Between the States, the Crimean War, the Franco-Prussian War, &c. Many schools of art date from the 1800s, such as the Impressionists. Music advanced from the relatively dispassionate intellectuality of the Baroque into the greater emotionality of Classical music (say, Beethoven), the Romantic composers like Liszt, the Impressionists like Debussy, to the full-bore multi-media entertainment of Wagner.

It also has a strong crossover with the Steam Age, of technology powered by indirect use of energy, fire creating mechanical movement, leading eventually to the harnessing of electricity, the expansion of communication in the telegraph and telephone and the beginnings of electronics in Tesla's radio.
Pictures of naval insignia from the 1800s to the present time.

A history of the area from the late 1800s from an Arab nationalist perspective.

In this humorous and fictitious set of letters, a young boy writes to his family and friends in the late 1800's.
by InterDTimeT December 1, 2009
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18 hundred is a alcoholic drink made of taquilla and rum
Man that 1800 makes me flip you gotta give me more or your gonna make me kill a nigga
by ziothore July 17, 2005
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a crip gang in harford county that runs 3 quarters of Edgewood
damn 1800 really wit da shits
by 21cabbage $$ January 7, 2018
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Noun - strong vodka that will put you on your ass after a couple shots!
Yo Homey. I was swerved off that 1800 this morning so I didn’t go in to work 3rd shift at the glass factory. Imma straight dry out all day!
by Terry Bad Ice September 27, 2017
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I'll pay you $1700.
by tse April 28, 2003
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Meaning cheap, tacky or free.

Note: 1800 is the "toll free" prefix telephone number in Australia.
Sarah takes home so many boys, shes so 1800.
by James William Dumay January 1, 2006
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1800 Reverse is mobile service which allows callers to ring people and charge them for the call. You do not have to answer the call to be charged, you can be charged for the cost of the voicemail they leave as well. It will return on your phone bill as though you have directly called them. Generally, if you are in trouble for your phone bill, this can be what has happened. The duration of the call and voicemail is the amount charged. This is a service used by thousands of people, and the best part is, the person you are calling will most likely not ever know that you are calling them using this number. There is also no possible way to track the calls without using high tec instruments.
Mum - "$600 phone bill! This is disgraceful Harry!"

Harry - "Mum, it wasnt me I promise, someone must have phoned me and left a message with 1800 Reverse!"
by 1800 Reverse June 10, 2011
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