Scottish slang, excuse me, it is a term to get someones attention
Here you, wit you wantin'
by Yaboisauntie April 30, 2021
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an idiomatic expression that showed up in writing in the 1800s, is a casual way of saying “Here it is” when you give someone something that's requested.
The waitress brings your food and she says “here you go.”
by Willudkme June 6, 2021
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Used to invite someone for a hug
"I missed you, Sam!"
"Aww, Sammy, I missed you too."
"Come here, you."
by Matt Graham May 8, 2006
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1.A way of calling someone a hypocrite especially after receiving criticism.

2. Complimenting someone who has overcome adversity in their life
1. Guest: I don't know why you keep inviting me to these parties. The drinks are warm the food is bland and the people are all the same

Host: Yet here you are

2. Wow, when you asked me to invest in your restaurant, I never thought you would be so successful. Yet here you are
by Cheatmaster786 February 1, 2022
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What you say when you're going in your homies. Correction: Going in FOR your homies. Just make sure you logout first.

Also, be careful who you say it to. Can have an unintentionally sweet tone to it, depends on the mood (see below).
Me: "I'm here for you homie."
Homie: "Awwwww, thank you! Just for me?"
Me: "No, I mean I'm here to take you."
Homie: "Oh stop it! 🤭 Just tell me you love me already!"
Me: *visible confusion* "Wut..."
Homie: "Did you buy me a ring yet?! 😘"
Me: *regrets life*
by Lead Bud 123 May 24, 2021
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When a person comes for you in a shady or disrespectful manner and you neither have the time or interest in entertaining their unwanted hostility. You are staying that you are NOT here for their foolishness and therefore don't care to further engage the situation.
Person 1: I really don't like you and I can't stand when you come around, you're TRASH.

Person 2: I really don't give two shits what the fuck you think about me, I'm NOT here for you! Please dismiss yourself from my presence.
by ahhmrr September 18, 2017
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