The act of being propa while marinating the stylie way. A form of expression when one is relaying a feeling of contentment to another being or object.

Something is being done correctly. A task has been performed with the intended results.
Yo peace time marinatedness propa propa stylie. I am feeling propa today! Yo, that's propa! Propa propa stylie. Or simply, propa propa!
by Trent June 1, 2004
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To be of a wise mindset. That which is indeed "Propa" is notably correct and unsilly. Also Fancy.

First coined by the gamer Propagansus in 2006, it has become part of the catchphrase for all members in Propa Tech Industries. "In Propa we trust." Its country of origin is the United States of America, more specifically in the Southeast region of Texas, where it has spread into neighboring states.
"The way you won that last match was very propa"

"Billy, there is no need to be so propa. It's only a game."
by Derik Arby August 24, 2012
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Hella straight. Used to name anything that is correct. Sometimes shortened to "bo" (as in "knows")
"Yo, where I can dat work surface for my heez?"
"Homes, you need to check out propa Bo Concept on the Dix"
by ellis January 5, 2008
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A term originated by hippies in Huddersfield which is slowly spreading throughout Yorkshire.
Although you tell yourself you wont start saying 'Propa nice', it cant be helped and is addictive.
The term is used to portray a feeling of pleasure, contentment and approval amongst other positive things.
It is used often in the case of drugs.
Can be reversed to mean something negative by saying 'propa not nice'.
A - "Dude, check my new tattoo"
B - "Aw, propa nice man!!"

A - "I had a bad trip from those shrooms last night dude!"
B - "Aw, propa not nice man..."
by Jase on the Bass June 24, 2006
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Used to describe something which is of good quality or enjoyable
Have you seen bo selecta? its propa bo i tell thee
by Ellis September 10, 2003
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A Body that is properly stacked.
Nice build.
Shorty is Stacked Propa!!
by Bee August 22, 2003
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