She's a beautiful sexy goddess with super amazing curly hair. She's such a badass. Every boy is in love with her. Every girl is jealous of her or in love with her. Gotta love her.
by Superhotmamajamma June 4, 2017
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Being the life of the party, or the life of the jubilee.
Man "This party sucked until Eric showed up."
Woman "Thats because he's so jubilous"
by Mordecca September 24, 2018
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Jubilant is an expression of great joy. When you are feeling joyful the best way to express it is to flip a jubilant crepe almost to the ceiling or conduct an imaginary orchestra. ubreal2
When you realize that you still have some marmite left in the cupboard you feel jubilant
by ubreal2 January 3, 2012
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A 'jubilent' is a person who is happy all the time. The misspelling from the original English word indicates authenticity and uniqueness; despite a jubilent being odd and perhaps out of place, they still replicate, and perhaps exceed, the happy spirits of the word jubilant.
That guy is a Jubilent! He literally smashed his face but he's still smiling and chatting up girls..!
by senior_pope November 12, 2019
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Something that Los Angeles Dodger fans happen to be at this particular moment
Guy: You look rather jubilant Mike? How come?
by Metallicajunkie October 21, 2018
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Jubilate is to release a hot frothy load of cum ropes on a fellow fortnite players face.
I am going to jubilate all over this virgins face!
by Piggy Toes April 5, 2018
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To express joy in the greatest of ways!
Donny was feeling so jubilant thay he flicked a moose knuck right in the knuck, while rapping the Fresh Prince of Bellaire jingle! Now that is fucking jubilant!
by Trapqueen4life June 17, 2015
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