128 definitions by Pat

a guy i met in the middle of the street on a drunken night that had a long fingernail
i just fucked a cheesecake

i fancy that cheesecake

my unckle pat said that when i am 16 i can go and find my own cheesecake

by Pat July 12, 2004
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the act of chillin, laid back, usually stoned
im so stoned, im just cool lampin in da crib, how i do
by Pat March 5, 2005
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when u lick an asshole and get a few dingleberries stuck in your teeth.
When kristi was suckin on my ass she came out with a fassano in her mouth.
by Pat October 15, 2004
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"damn, my helm could use a good darthing."
by Pat August 25, 2004
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1:"Man, i only have two cigarettes left"
2:"But you had a whole deck last nite"
by Pat February 11, 2004
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one whose game (sexual) has reached a peak after a long period of inactivity
I haven't gotten any in months, but I am going to fuck the bitches like a degenerate gambler on a hot steak.
by Pat February 24, 2005
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Dude 1: I hate the Cardinals
Dude 2: I too hate them, especially that douche licker Albert Pujols
by Pat October 31, 2004
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