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where one acts like he/she just ate bad sushi, falls on the floor, and acts like he/she is having a seizure.
"Sean, do the sushi dance!"
by Seth March 17, 2005
a male being possessing asshole qualities.
seth paul is a schwangka!
by Seth November 11, 2003
Object> to mame your opponents genitals when they are not looking using a miniature bic lighter
Rules> There are no rules to tappy at this time.
Although the odds are slim, tappy has been sucessfully implemented into a respected form of "Tippy".
by Seth December 2, 2004
Coledest tasting beer in the universe, official sponser of superbowl 39 and the NFL...Haters can eat a fat one, all you micro brew faggots smoke swag.
micro brewery's are for trendy metro sexuals.
by Seth December 2, 2004
I didn't know how to reset the password, so I called Suds and he had it fixed in three minutes flat over the phone. Last time I call tech support!
by Seth June 5, 2003
A Zurbatz is a modern day word for "child" or "infant", especially if ill-tempered.

Any human being between the ages of 0 and 6 years is classified as a zurbatz.

Plural: Zurbatz OR Zurbatzes OR Zurbatzions (zur-bats-i-uns)
"Oh god, somebody shut that screaming zurbatz up right this minute!!!"

"If I even have to sit next to a zurbatz on the plane, I will lose it"

"Zurbatzes are the devil!"
by Seth April 8, 2004
Ibuprofin, an anti-inflammatory. Used to such a great extent by many athletes that it can be considered to have a DRI of 400-800 mg much like a real vitamin.
Oh man, my shins are killing me, time to pop some vitamin I.
by Seth March 4, 2004