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An E-mail sent someone with an especially Douchey tone. Most of them time sent by someone who is frustrated by the receivers stupidity.
I had to fire off some Douche-Mails earlier this morning, those customer service people are morons who frustrate me to no end.
by shaginwagin April 19, 2010

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Technical resources that are incredibly slow and impossible to get a concrete answer out of, specifially pre-sale resources.
Sales: "Hey Carlos, I have a phone that I need to know is compatible with my network. Can you help me out?" Wed 12/16/2009 5:31 AM

Pre-Sales: "Sure, what do you need?" Wed 5/5/2010 4:39 PM

Sales: "Oh nevermind, I figured it our 5 Months ago. What is this Pre-Snails engineering!?"

Pre-Snails: "Sorry, I was busy"
by shaginwagin May 05, 2010

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A large joint consisting of 3 papers. it is two papers long with an extra paper in the middle for ease of rolling.
"It's 4:20, wanna blaze a joint?" "nope, because I have a 6" long English Proper all rolled up for our enjoyment"
by shaginwagin April 14, 2010

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