The way people who function below normal mental capacity describe a situation in which they describe receiving something. The misinterpreted form of accepting, AKA, the dumbass version.
James is very excepting of the fact that he is a piece of shit.
by TheXtraChromKid November 20, 2015
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Used in conversation to express your disbelief in the ridiculous statement or blatant lie someone just told.
Guy 1- I banged 12 dimes last night.
Guy 2- Except not!

guy 1- yeah so im going to go spend 3 hours in the gym, fin tol ook good for the ladies.
guy 2- except not!
by Beben M. November 2, 2009
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When a statement or question can be contradicted with the word "except"
The statement "All cows are brown" is exceptable because I can say "All cows are brown EXCEPT that albino one over there"
by Micheal Who? September 26, 2010
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A more politically correct way of saying that someone's retarded.
"Jesus, those club leaders are fucking exceptional."
by notanotherforumpost March 18, 2019
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to be uncommon, unique, extraodinary. most likely to bring home to parents. can be a complete hoe but is welcomed because she is one-of-a-kind.
"oh, look at maria. she sucks at life but she`s exceptional. she has her unique qualities and man do i love her."
by Cade V. June 26, 2006
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Not including,
You can take what you like except that
by Inquisitive mind10 January 22, 2018
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An error condition in software that is generated by a program's inability to complete a task. Common causes of exceptions include division by 0 and calling of nonexistent files.
java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException (Exception thrown by Java when the program calls for an array object with an index outside the array)
by an elite April 15, 2009
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