"my sky is darker than thine"
(song title, Sentenced)
by moonwizard August 17, 2008
A type of person who is very shy at first and once you know him/her you will know how annoying they are. Kindhearted person. Always there for everyone. But in their silence there is devil inside them. They are not as good as they appear. Like people said don’t judge a book by its cover.
John : “he/she’s different than the first time we meet him/her.”

Lily : “of course! He/she’s thines.”
by Charcoal December 29, 2017
"It's mine not yours", it's an old english way of saying don't touch it, it's mine not yours
by SomeDude2022 February 15, 2022
The ultimate base form of no u. Overpowers both "no u" and "nay thee".
You: ur mum gae
Me: no u
You: nay thee
Me: nein thine
by hi529 February 27, 2019
What the Lord saith unto thee.
And the Lord saith unto all believers who question Him not and claim to know His divine will, who write books filled with His name which contain no truth about Him, who sit in their own smug righteousness and condemn those about whom they knoweth not: "SHUTTETH THINE HOLE!!!"
by Stanky October 29, 2009
To order or otherwise instruct an individual or group to engage in acts of masturbation, often giving them the freedom to decide upon the appropriate location to perform said acts (i.e. Living Room, Restroom, Wendy's, or a random corn field). It is often necessary to carry a stuffed llama under one's left arm in order for the target audience to understand the gravity of the situation.

Also known as: "Go Fuck Yourself: The King James Version"
Jackson: Marston, is that a sleeping bag up there on the roof of Castaway's?

Marston: Yes, Mr. Jackson, it is.

Jackson: Are you gonna get up in there?

Marston: Yes, Mr. Jackson. And I feel that perhaps I may vomit.

Jackson: Fucketh thine self!

Marston: Done. Carry on.
by czainsaw September 14, 2006
To have someone tap you on the nose in a way that may annoy or have a joke with you

(Thine in this context means mine)
by Nightmare_Shenpai September 25, 2018