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Something that just plain sucks, or isn't cool at all. Lame.
by Ben November 22, 2003
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1) Lame, sorry ass, aint even legit

2) To Jerk off
Example 1:

Tracy: I'm all that and a bag of chips!..and then some!

Rob: Shut yo wack ass up!.. and gets off my Grill.

Example 2:

Tracy: What did u do last night?

Rob: I was wacking my dick ...RAW... thinking about you.
by Shady Ass Rob February 04, 2003
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1. To be of low or dubious quality. Origin: comes from 'whacky', which evolved to 'whacked' or 'whacked out'. Eventually shortened to 'wack'. The 'h' is usually dropped to differentiate the meaning from 'whack', which is to hit something hard or, kill (old wise guy terminology).
Yo, my dog, those shoes are wack.
by Paul October 13, 2004
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something that sucks horribly; stupid; fake; talentless
that new jay-z joint is wack as fuck.
by zach November 25, 2002
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Hip hop artists (MCs, DJs, B-boys, etc) who are typically aspiring and full of themselves, yet their style is an insult to real hip hop because it (1) copies another artist's style, (2) is mainly driven by commercial aspirations, or (3) is basically incompetent with no hope of improving. Wack = weakly executed flashy moves in place of true substance.
Even the wackest rapper can be a commercial success with a major label behind him.
by psychicoctopus August 07, 2004
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Wack - crap, shitty, no good.

A word used verbally by those who see themselves and their peers as gangster.
For someone to define something as wack, theyre saying its shit.
Person 1: Yo, you want a drag of this?
Person 2: Nah that shit is wack.
by Giorgio Enziano April 20, 2008
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