The act of being productive in something you don't actually need to be doing in order to put off the work that you should be doing.
Today I cleaned my apartment, volunteered at a soup kitchen, and finally got around to balancing my checkbook! But I didn't write that paper that's due tomorrow. Procrastivity strikes again.
by CynickTurtle October 5, 2010
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I just procrastate this entire box of cookies instead of working in lab.
by dgreenf May 10, 2011
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Procrastination by means of mastication (chewing). See procrastineat or procrastin-eating

NOT to be confused with procrasturbation, which is procrastination by masturbation (stimulating one's own genitelia).
Spongebob: I can't write on an empty stomach, Gary.
Lots of lazy students grow obese through procrastication.
by cakeofages July 16, 2008
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Person 1: I don't want to do my homework. I wonder what there is to eat?

Person 2: Stop procrasteating and get back to your work!
by luckybon May 16, 2012
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Activities you do to procrastinate from the what you should be doing!
Mom, I can't do my homework, I am doing procrastivities. OR I would have cleaned the house, but you know I was doing procrastivities instead.
by Mommallamma January 19, 2021
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A particularly lazy form of procrastination, when you can't even be bothered to say the whole word.
"I think I will pro...crast...e"
"Umm, procraste?"
by Friend of Kamal February 17, 2009
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1. I am being such a procrast right now by adding this to Urban Dictionary.
2. Stop being such a waste of life procrast.
by Sickashell March 11, 2008
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