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To procrastinate by eating.

Often characterized by several trips back to the fridge even after one's hunger has long been sated. Sometimes accompanied by other activities like watching TV or trolling the web. Foods eaten are usually unsubstantial snacks and leftovers.

Also: procrastineation, pracrastineating, procrastineater
"You start writing that Poli Sci paper yet?"
"Thought it was due tomorrow."
"Atta boy. And is that your third bowl of Frosted Flakes or fourth?"
"Fifth. But check it out: Planet Earth reruns. Shallow Seas. Oh man this a bonkers episode. Definitely my second-favorite."
"Dude you polished off all the chocolate milk, too? Damn. You sure can procrastineat with the best of them."
"I wish Sigourney Weaver narrated my life like in Planet Earth. Slash Stranger than Fiction."
"Underrated movie."
"Not nearly as bad as it looked. Clever."
"So much better than Blades of Glory."
"Maggie Gyllenhaal is a fox."
"Is that how you pronounce her name?"
"No idea. I improvise it every time."
"So you're not gonna start the paper till like 2am huh."
"Absolutely not. I'm at least half a box of mac & cheese away from even turning on my computer."
"You know what? I'm gonna go Netflix Stranger Than Fiction right now. You want me to add anything to the queue?"
"Yeah whichever disc has 'Great Plains' in it. I wanna see the antelope get its whole program ruined by that gator again."
"In slow-mo."
"And high def."
"I like my animal-attack films highly defined."
"I will not watch animals attack in anything but the slowest of motion and highest of definition."
"Nothing but the best will do."
"Less than the best is unacceptable."
"I've been spoiled. When I watch animal attack clips in regular-mo and -def, I get confused."
"I don't even know what I'm looking at."
"I'm like, 'Is this an ad? Which one is the bear? This sucks.'"
"Do we have any more sandwich meat?"
by ns0000 February 10, 2008
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