slang term for a very long penis
I front-loaded her pussy while we were standing up, facing each other, utilizing my proboscis!
by Chimpeachment August 29, 2010
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Nose. A common term often mistaken as "penis" because of the sound of the word and the context people use it in. It is similar in use to the weenus.
The proboscis belongs on the face
Your proboscis bothers you in the restroom (because it smells bad)
by 10248948142947392835y923840234 January 23, 2012
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a large, protruding nose, often associated with areeb.
1. Holy hell!! Look at his proboscis!!
2. Cyrano de Bergiac had an intensely large proboscis.
by JayDrk July 27, 2008
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Extremely sensitive nasal cavities, usually only found on a monk. Sadly the owners of these accessories are bound by law to make coffee every morning for their colleagues, and moan all the while about their fate.
"Can you open the door- several Monks are coming over, and bringing their probosci"
by djing June 12, 2006
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A fugly monkey with a huge ass nose and is usually obese. It makes a screwed up honking sound. See fugly.
teh proboscis monkey go teh HONKHONKHONK0rz!11!!11 LOLOLOL!!!!
by GreyJinjo December 19, 2003
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...Another way of saying "no problem"

...a proboscis is a nose.
A: Thanks for always being there for me, man! I'm really happy you're my friend...

B: Nose proboscis, dude... That's what I'm here for!
by Klyde Frog February 16, 2009
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