poker slang for pockets 5s whenever you win with pocket 5s tradition has it that you say presto
by valoem December 10, 2004
When someone tells you to give something to someone and you pull out the object from your pocket. According to "The Joker."
Putting a dream pill in Commedor Shmidlap's drink.
by J.Wild March 17, 2003
Poker slang for going into the river with the winning hand and someone catches the one out to beat you PRESTO
Player catches a straight flush when you already have the nut flush. "PRESTO"
by Joe Hoopes January 24, 2006
Girls usually fall in love with his looks because he is Hot and he craves girls bootys and he likes Jenna and he has blonde hair and he is very popular
OMFG look at presto he’s so hot
by Huffine September 27, 2019
What you gotta say after you finnesse the fuck out of someone
Marquis: Damn b you had my ass in basketball
Deangelo: I had to drop 30 points on yo ass. Presto!
by Chucklemaster36 December 4, 2016
An album by Rush that contains (IMHO) the most esoteric and best lyrics of Neil Peart. Most definitely a golden age for his lyrics.
Anagram is a great song on Presto.
by Mongo February 28, 2004
When he or she passes gas. Instead of saying they farted you say "presto".
The girl just did a presto after eating to many beans!
by Lola T M February 11, 2018