A villain of the Batman universe, first appearing in Batman #1 (1940). He is considored to be the Caped Crusader's arch nemesis. His title is the "Clown Prince of Crime".

The Joker's real name is unknown, though according to the first movie starring Nicholson, it might of been Jack Napier. The catalyst of his insanity has different tellings:

Originally a failed comedian, coerced into crime after the deaths of his wife and unborn child. Disguised as the "Red Hood", he failed to steal from Monarch Playing Cards. Running from Batman, he fell into a waste pool by the Ace Chemical Processing.

Surving the accident, it coloured his hair green, bleached his skin white and deformed his mouth into a red smile. Using eccentric weapons like acid spilling flowers and static joy-buzzers, he sadistically amuses his victims before he murders them. Other schemes include bribery and terroism.

The sidekick and former pyschiatrist of The Joker is Harley Quin (a.k.a Harleen Quinzel). She accompanies and supports her love interest in his crimes in Gotham City.
"Do I look like I'm joking?"
by Anonymous December 18, 2004
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The uncanny, realization as your watching The Joker segment of That 70's Show that everything is planned. Rosie O' Donnell and Alex Jones might be on to something with their conspiracy theories. The Joker is The Trump Card MAN!!! THINK ABOUT IT MAN!!! Fez is hallucinating that they want to get rid of illegal aliens MAN!!! Next your going to find back masking in Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Man. THE ALIENS ARE FROM SOUTH AMERICA!!! NOT SPACE!!!! SIGOURNEY WEAVER IS TRIPPING MAN. SHE'S TRIPPING!!! ON PEJOTE MAN!!!! She is just going crazy on the boarder of South America. That isn't cool. Whose going to do her perm? Only South American cosmetologists KNOW HOW TO DO A FUCKING PERM ANYMORE. Because they were bullshit in the first place. WHOSE ROOTS ARE YOU GETTING IN TOUCH WITH? BECAUSE YOUR BURNING THE FUCK OUT OF YOUR SCALP.
Joan: I was watching The Flaming Lips Do You Realize video and The Joker made my SPINE tingle.
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by HearMyName August 20, 2018
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The most fantastic villain to ever be drawn. He's insane, but totally hot, and incredibly amazing.He is a fucking genius and is always ahead of the curb.
The Joker:
Why So Serious?
by epicmiffinbits January 24, 2009
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The most badass villian Gotham has ever seen. His insanity is what makes him so ridiculously amazing. The Caped Crusader's biggest rival. Wears make up as war paint to scare his victims. Changes his story about how he got those famous scars every single time. Is and forever will be the best villian to walk the streets of Gotham City.
Whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you....stranger. -The Joker
by thejokerlovesme September 27, 2010
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A man who was born a genius, but since no one could compete with his brains went insane out of boredom and started killing people. Then he met Batman, and found someone who actually understood him, who <i>completed</i> him and <i>didn't laugh at any of his jokes</i>. So now he tries to screw Batman's life up, because Batman's just too much damn fun.
"I believe what ever doesn't kill you, simply makes you stranger" - The Joker.
by Piper [The Bandit] December 01, 2008
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