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An adorable fun loving boy who has a great attractive personality everyone loves especially the ladies. He is funny and very athletic but basketball is and forever will be his main sport. Family and friends are very important to him and he will always stand up for them. Not to mention he's the best boyfriend a girl could ever have which is a shame because he is usually single. This is just an all around amazing person.
Sarah: hey did you catch the game last night
Brianna: of course my bae was playing

Sarah: you need to make a move on Marquis you guys are perfect for each other
Brianna: I know that's why I'm asking him to the dance this weekend

Sarah: Yass you better hurry before he ends up with Loretta

Brianna: I'll never let that happen
by The Ultimate Ninja November 01, 2016
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The most amazing guy you will ever meet... takes pleasure out of making people happy and will go out of his way for his family... loves with everything and is super protective. If you meet one he will be the heart and soul of you and if you lose one then you have nothing left in life....
girl one: wow did you see him
GIRL TWO: yeah he is my boyfriend
girl one: oh that is cool he seems like the type of guy you would fall in love with
GIRL TWO: that is cause he is a marquis
by someoneyouwillnverknow February 13, 2010
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a person who is the SHIT! a bitching person, they are sick!

they are so amazing fucking everyone loves them <3

party animal/ life of the party
She is a Marquis she's so fucking amazing, I love her <3

Wow, they're cool enough to be the next Marquis.

The most popular person/"big person on campus"
by adfghjklfhjk April 05, 2011
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She is the most beautiful mixed girl you will ever meet. She has brown hair and has beautiful brown eyes. She is said to be friends with a Patience and together, they're unstoppable. She is a good lover in bed, but not too flexible, altough she tries. She is pretty spontaneous and will make you happier when she is just there. You won't find a girl that has been through more than her, but still keeps a smile on her face. She is amazing and is always reliable. She will be there for you in a heartbeat if you're close, but if you get on her bad side, well then you're fucked. She is an all around perfect person to be with.
She is amazing, I wish I had a Marqui
by YahBoiSkinnyPencil September 28, 2018
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1. noun - one who must be laid at least once every two days

2. verb - to dance well at different points in time (music is not necessary to perform a marquis)
1. Girl 1: The guy down the hall from me has a girl
back to his room almost every night.
Girl 2: He's a marquis

2. He marquises the Soulja Boy on command, whether there is
music or not.
by Mariah and Ben December 03, 2007
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A sweet lovable boy who is often nice to others. Welcomes new people with an open mind and heart. Is usually loved by most, especially the girls. Gets along well with the rest of his group and is well favored and made to feel right at home.
Awwww, look at him. He's so adorable, what a Marquis
by cutiewifabooti December 09, 2011
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