A gangster wannabe that talks about being gangster when all he does is sit on steps and talk about being gangster to other wannabe gangsters
-Yo so this dude was disrespecting me, I would have stabbed him but i don't need heat from the 5-0
-Dude you've been sitting on the porch for the past week you porch monkey
by Dago Power September 09, 2010
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A person willing to do basically any household chore, yard work, errands etc. for their local drug dealers in exchange for drugs.
Porch monkeys are some of the best ass kissing people you've ever met!
by Jinx Breece May 27, 2017
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another type of racial slur towards black people.
guy 1:hey look at those porch monkeys over there
guy 2: haha yeah, come and clean my shoes you porch monkey
by k0_ November 29, 2018
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used to describe a black person sitting on his porch all day doing nothing, but it can also refer to a mexican who is outside constantly doing some task that would take a normal person under 10 minutes to do.
a porch monkey could be a mexican working on his car, changing its oil, ALL DAY LONG, with several of his brothers and friends. very annoying when you live next to them and you have to listen to their spanish jibber jabbering all day long. then just when you think they're going to go inside because it's dark, they they bring out a lamp...
by bleh34234 July 05, 2009
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people who are LOUD, ANNOYING, LAZY, you will see them hanging out in groups of 3 or more, you will never see a porch monkey alone, Well, they're lazy good for nothin' tricksters... crack-smokin' swindlers! Big butt havin', wide nose, breathin' all the white man's air!

AND THEY STANK! They always have an ATTITUDE, and are ALWAYS COMPLAINING ABOUT SOMETHING! Oh and they don't know how to talk! You will also see them start dancing randomly to no music?!!? They also have names that usually end in A
Things I unfortunately over hear porch monkeys saying:

Nuh uh that gurll just cut in line, umm umm, I have to go to the bathroom, Ima bout to tell her ass something

Ima smack her ass

Gurl its hot in here

Gurl this line is too long

Ima wear this to the club, Heeeyyy

tameka, tanisha, qunisha, felisha, bonisha, WTF????
by tired22 March 17, 2011
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