The definition of my main to me is when she your best friend and when she stand by you when you need help
Jennifer: You stood by me when i needed you
Sarah: I would always be there for you you are my main
by MybabyGirls May 2, 2016
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Another word for bff or #1 friend or ride or die
Sarah: You been my main every since kindergarten
Jazmine: You and Keke been #1 friends since 1st
by 2~Cute~4~U March 20, 2015
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My Best Friend

Can also be used in context when referring to whom you often drink, smoke, or on occasion Eiffel Tower with.
Shit. There's my main nigga John. We gonna get drunk, smoke da chronic, and eiffel tower dat bitch over there. Fo free!
by Tom da Bom June 15, 2008
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That one fucker you're stuck with for the rest of your life because they know far too much for you to just be casual friends
Much like a parasite you are one in the same being except a main bitch has better taste in movie trivia
by Salimas-main-bitch June 20, 2016
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Your best friend, home skillet, buddy for life, homie home dog, home skillet biscuit, friend for life,usually of Mexican heritage, around 5 feet tall, often named Andrea because you guys are BFFS and he/she is the real MVP. All in all, your uber duper extra best friend.
Yo that girl Andrea is my main squeeze, we been friends since all the way back in 2010
by Thugmaster3k August 26, 2015
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My main man = my number one/ my lover / my boyfriend / someone I want to explore dirty analysis fantasies with.
Tammy "Cameron you are my main man, I'll never pick someone else over you:

Shaniqua " Bae you are my main man, you know that. Them other thugs are just playing! "
by FeteyW September 18, 2016
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