someone without a job that sits on their porch all day drink'n 40's, and trading food stamps for crack.
by pickledspork July 7, 2005
another type of racial slur towards black people.
guy 1:hey look at those porch monkeys over there
guy 2: haha yeah, come and clean my shoes you porch monkey
by k0_ November 29, 2018
a derogatory way of describing an person of African decent
hey porch monkey--you got the money you owe me for the crack rock I sold you?
by charlie December 10, 2003
A derogatory for a person of african or african american decent. BUT it could also mean a generally lazy person. This term came to be when you think of african americans sitting on there porch chatting it up. Also in the movie Clerks II, the sequal to Clerks, Randal tries to reclaim it as a new term for lazy people. And thus offends several customers and his boss.

*Police Officer sees Porch Monkey 4 Life written on the back of Randal's Mooby Uniform and looks flabbergasted*

Randal: Im taking it back!


Racist: You filthy crack smoking porch monkey!
by Dodectabone July 22, 2006
A person who sits on the porch and watches the neighbors.

A small child that enjoys being on the porch.
And what can I get for you, little porch monkey? Oh its okay, I'm taking it back.
by Randall G June 4, 2006
Racist term from the old South. While entertaining in the summer, after dinner the good White folk would retreat to their respective spaces (women to the parlour or drawing room, men to the porch) for after dinner drinks. The men, desiring to prop their feet up while relaxing, would have the small slave children get on their hands and knees so that the master and his guests could use them as footstools. Hence the term "porch monkey".
"Delilah, go and fetch those little porch monkeys so that my company can rest their feet a spell".
by it'llbalright March 7, 2009