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The best thing that ever happened to Schenectady in recent memory. Now some of the decaying properties are being restored.
Who the hell is buying those houses the nice Guyanese folks fixed up anyhow?
by Williecuztheygavemynamewilhelmaway November 09, 2007

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This is all the rage among young drug addicted mothers in Schenectady. It is an event like none other, in which a woman snorts a line of cocaine off of her infant. This can only be done with an infant as when the child reaches toddler-hood, it is considered sharing. Once relegated to the coke-whore sub culture, it has been brought to the forefront by the news media in light of the one successful prostitution sting conducted this year by the worlds most corrupt police department, Schenectady's finest. Unfortunately, this is not Vegas, so what happens here does not stay here. Look for this activity to come to a town near you....
Once at a party, I saw a girl attempt to perform a Schenectady snort....and she almost dropped her baby!

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A town near Schenectady that proves that the "old boy network" is alive and well. Full of crooked politicians, theiving town employees, and someone who drives around all day as a BTK murderer copy-cat. But hey, it's still better than Schenectady!!
officer: "Sir are you aware the town code states your grass can be no higher than three inches, and your garbage cans cannot be in plain site except on garbage day?"

citizen: "Is this Glenville or Nazi Germany?"

by Williecuztheygavemynamewilhelmaway November 09, 2007

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98% of the females you see walking around in Schenectady.
even the lil old grannies with walkers are prostitutes in Skank-ectady!!
by Williecuztheygavemynamewilhelmaway November 09, 2007

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People from Schenectady.
I moved out of Schenectady because I could no longer stand being surrounded by crack heads.
by Williecuztheygavemynamewilhelmaway November 09, 2007

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Despite all the racist definitions you may have heard for this word, it can actually be applied to 80% of the population of Schenectady, NY. It crosses all racial lines. Just alot of lazy folk with nothing better to do. Sometimes just drinkin beer waiting for the some crack whores to walk by so they can get some ass.
Driving thru Schenectady, one will notice one out of every three houses are infested with porch monkeys.

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Girls from Schenectady. They will do anything for that rock!!
guy 1: "Hey, what ever happened to that girl from Schenectady you were dating?"

guy2: "Dating? Are you nuts? I gave her 20 bucks and treated her like the crack whore she is! They're all crack whores in Skank-ectady!"

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