South Dakotan slang term originating from the Chamberlain/Oacoma area, circa 2002.

An act of gross incompetence which results in utter distaster. A wanton act of stupidity. Unintentional destruction brought about by sheer lack of common sense.
He thought it would be cool to repaint his car using fourty cans of spray paint, but all he did was completely randalize the damned thing...

Dude, if you leave that cheeseburger frying on the grill for half an hour, all you're going to do is randalize it!

If you don't put the drain plug back in the oil pan after you change the oil in the car, you're going to randalize the engine, idiot!
by Steve Mueller July 9, 2004
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In cooking terms, to burn a meal to the point where it is virtually unservable; to grossly overseason a dish so that it is inedible; or to perform some other act of gross incompetence.
If you combine four pounds of ground hamburger with four pounds of refried beans, you may be clever enough to become a cook at Taco Tim's. But, if you foolishly add six pounds of jalapeno peppers to that mixture, you've just Randallized it and there will be a lot of complaints from the customers.
by Steve Mueller July 9, 2004
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To artfully avoid answering personal questions by slightly changing the topic, or by replying with a related question, in such a way that the person who asked the initial question is unaware of what has just happened. This style was first made (in)famous as the signature move of one Dr. Randall, following its identification and labeling by a brilliant and eloquent coworker, circa 2008. It then spread across the Western United States in the coming decade. Legend has it that said coworker, despite having developed a great friendship with the elusive Dr. Randall, has nevertheless never been invited into his home.
During the interrogation, he was randalling himself out of the question of where we has on the night of the murder. The cop ended up admitting to the crime himself!
by LuluMcWordsmith June 3, 2014
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Strong confident young man who lives and loves to push himself to the limits In sports and very friendly and loving.

With the shield of a the Lord to protect him and the heart of an angel.
Randall is such a nice young man such a gentleman no one can bring him down !
by River Brock Dunlop March 30, 2017
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Randal, how do you describe a Randal. Well he a totally amazing, sweet guy. Yeah he has flaws like he sometimes he tense with you or he very stubborn and even sometimes lazy. But he knows to make you laugh when your feeling down. Also known a when to buckle down and gets his work done. He very loyal, even when you piss him off and goes off to go cool off, he will always come back to. He gentlemen sometimes. Is horny but very respectful. You never want to let this guy go, because if you do your making the biggest mistake of your life. Love and respected your Randal and they will show the same to you.
Man you made a dumb mistake by leaving Randal.
by Lizzyistheboss101 July 8, 2018
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A creepy man lurking in the woods. When you see something weird like a hole under a fallen tree, randy might be there. Also a killer 2010 yamaha yz250f
Look at that wierd log, its probably Randy's hideout. Or oh no here comes randy! Also your acting randally.
by Owner of randy the 250 April 10, 2019
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Old Teutonic meaning: Shield wolf, leader of the wolf pack.
If you want to take the cubs, you have to get through the Randall.
by Broketoe February 2, 2010
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