The act of neutralizing a pejorative term, frequently a racial or gender-based slur, by applying it to oneself voluntarily, for example the use of the term nigga or dyke within the African-American and lesbian communities, respectively.
I was surprised that he called himself a fag, but he explained he was taking it back.
by no11111111 November 01, 2007
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When someone tries to be funny by making any type of comment, but it's really not funny. Or someone says something that makes them seem goofy or stupid.
John: I can't wait till we go to Kings Island so I can meet Goofy and Mickey.

Jenn: Take It Back!
by John Sanderrs July 10, 2008
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When someones having a fag, and you take it back into your lungs instead of holding in your mouth.
"Yo, Justin, gimme a drag or your ciggy mate."
"No way Kane, you'll waste it, you don't even take it back."
"Yo I'm always taking it back man!"
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A man that takes back the stuff he gives to a woman after a break-up or when she becomes an enemy of his.
You sound like a Mr. Take-it-back.
by Tropical Rythms October 11, 2019
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basically an angry man with a fear of spiders getting offended by someone his age but looks like hes 40, hes mad bc leorio said "haha kurta clan go brr" now they have an epic fight scene on a ship : D
koorapikaa: take that back leorio!
*door opens as leorio is ready to leave*
leorio: ...
kurapika: i said take that back.. >:(
leorio: its Mr. LeOrIo
kurapika: grrrrr >>>:(
*character development scene : D *
by kurapikas_chains December 27, 2020
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"Oh man....she got so drunk she asked me to take the back-door in..after she showered, that is..."
by Kevie October 13, 2003
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to make it happen; to take care of business; to accomplish something of significance
"With swollen pockets we gon' take it back home.." - M.A.R.S, featured on the "Clones" by the Roots
by Gee` August 16, 2005
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