Adjective. Pinkish-orange; a skin tone that is a hue somewhere between pink and orange.
House Minority Leader John Boehner uses tan-in-a-can, giving his skin the most peculiar shade of porange.
by Dusty_Glenn August 30, 2009
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word used to describe the airbrushed skin tone of adult material
The centerfold of this months Hustler looked very porange. Either she went too har with the self tan, or Larry Flint has a cheap photo shop
by big pick January 25, 2010
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The color a woman appears after applying excessive amounts of make up. Commonly seen with high-school girls and adult film stars.
"Look at her, she's porange!" and/or "She has some porange on her shirt."
by nothejealoustype April 4, 2007
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A color found in many 70's porn movies.
Debbie: What color should we make this room?
Dick: Porange, of course.
by John Holmes on Baker street January 2, 2010
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Por-an-ge(rhymes with orange)
Substance that has recently been filled with holes.
He was nothin' but porange once the G-Unit took care of him.
by BoB a January 24, 2007
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An abbreviation for "People of the Orange" refering to people with red/orange hair and fair skin. The word is used to glorify the orange race and flaunt their superiority over normal people or "normies".
"Porange people are better then regular people"
"Nicole Kidman is one hot Porange"
by Andrew34 March 21, 2007
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Only true style of early american cooking started in the late 1840's by gold miners. Due to long hours of work mining for gold, there was a need for quick and simple dishes. These dishes usually consisted of a seafood item being power braised in a hearth with local citrus to provide acidity.
Chef Matt Wallen at an early age mastered the art of Porange cuisine.
Porange cuisine was created by Matthew Wallen.
by anonymous January 28, 2005
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