A smart cute and "different" 16 year old girl that was blessed with a fat ass .... Named Tiffany Baez . who is bold enough to make changes to her life and is super quick cut toxic jealous people off with out any second thoughts . Always gets cat called by guys and girls . and most importantly she doesn't give a FUCK .
Boy : YOOO look at shorty with the orange hair ... over there !
His friends : bro she fire . get on that !
Boy : yo pumpkin spice . let me get yo snapp.
by RICHBITCH1 August 21, 2019
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Refers to an orange beast which crawls under the sewers looking for little italian children to feast on.

There are two types of clowns
•The nosy one
•The large cocked one

The nosy one usually buys play-do from Walmart and then sticks it up its arse and the Large cocked one usually buys margarine to rub it all over their child maker.

This creature is usually seen at night in the areas of a senior school.
Beware beware theres a creature in town
Beware beware of the orange haired clown
by Garida January 9, 2018
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