The higest quality woman. Good enough to be a centerfold model.
X is like a centerfold. X is centerfold material. Etc.
by koots December 22, 2005
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The main girls. Allways the center of attention and the life of the party! People Who are probably going to be famous someday, And take up most of your magazines.
Did you see those girls at The club yesterday??
Yeah, they were so fun, totalt The centerfold!
by Blind otter November 4, 2019
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Only The highest quality Woman can be A centererfold model.
«She’s centerfold material»
by BigTRush666 October 28, 2019
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The Folds of a Womans Labia
I would like to put my meat stick into your centerfolds.
by LeonLisa February 1, 2007
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The man masturbates onto a woman's face. Then he shoves her under the mattress.
"Your Mom asked me to treat her like a Playboy Centerfold. So I did."
by marvell70 May 9, 2010
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the true name of a technique which is also known as Sexy no Jutsu and is used by the character Naruto in the popular anime series of the same name.
Naruto: "BEHOLD! The Ninja Centerfold!!!!"
by Rikki Ru February 20, 2008
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