When an individual desires a luxury item but cannot afford the item drawing attention to the individual's less than wealthy circumstances.
I stay away from the cosmetic counters in Neiman Marcus or Nordstroms because they are so Poor Magnifying.
by svelte1day October 17, 2012
One who wants a Ferrari but won’t pay $5 for shipping.
Sorry I can’t go out, I’m sort-of poor.
by Mpl909 June 16, 2022
That ho be so poor, she be Ho Poor, she got to put out to go out.
by Newt1234 April 27, 2017
Guy One: That poor fish that couldn't answer 1 + 1 was soo dumb XD!
Guy Two: IKR!!!
by Space‌Core‌From‌Portal November 29, 2021
A term you say around any female who isnt named tori, (if they are named tori, say poor zoe) to freak them out and create awkward moments.
Dash: poor tori...
Jack: but im Jack!
Dash: poor tori...
Jack: what?
by Dash Reid April 11, 2008