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A peasant originally a term used to describe an agricultural laborer, usually those living in Medieval Europe under feudalism. Peasants were predominant in the European interior, in contrast to Roman & Semitic societies, where slaves were more common & generally held a better living standard than peasants.

The main difference between a Slave and Peasant is Freedom

A peasant is given Freedom to:
- Pay Taxes to the governing Elites
- Be responsible for his living expenses (pay rent, buy food)
- Die in wars when the Elites of his nation are involved in a conflict
- Respect the borders drawn by the agreement of the world governing Elites
- Be proud of his flag, language, religion, culture & superiority to other peasants
Bernard: We have to make sure we divide miscible peasants and corral immiscible peasants

Joe: Being a peasant sucks...I want to be an Elite

Bernard: Its not that easy Joe, we have to deal with the problems of Billions of peasants. Unlike a peasant our lives don't revolve around family & feelings.

Joe: GOD is my savior, hell with you!

Bernard: We taught you to believe in GOD, its the best way to subjugate a peasant...Don't worry a lot, catch the game today, I have money on it

Joe: Really, how much?!
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by Felix Jabs Arnold August 01, 2018
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An especially pathetic, low to moderate income individual that attempts to inflate their perceived social status by acquiring material goods sometimes associated with their wealthier counterparts - but immediately identifiable as peasants by their attempts to do so.

Peasants often attempt to acquire things like Louis Vuitton purses, lower end version BMW or Jaguar automobiles, large but poor quality solitaire diamonds for rings, new version cell phones, trendy sunglasses, and bottle service tables at nightclubs.
Such individuals typically lack the education or worldly exposure to realize that they actually look like low class impostors to anyone wealthy enough to comfortably afford such high end consumer items.
The women waiting in the free guest list line at the nightclub were clearly identifiable as peasants despite their Louis Vuitton purses and imitation Omega watches.
by the_hao_zi August 22, 2008
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A farm worker, usually poor. The most common type of person in a pre-industrial society (usually 66 to 95%), and of the lowest class.

Peasants were/are typically small farmers, tenant farmers, sharecroppers, farmhands, and laborers and invariably rural, living in villages and tending land which is practically theirs but officially belongs to the wealthy.

Usually an insult for dirty, uncouth, unsophisticated people of low status.

Peasants stereotypically have virtually no education, nonexistent hygiene, are conservative, and have almost no rights, despite that their work requires careful planning and that they are not averse to protests.
The peasant woman, her three daughters, and her husband's many kinswomen tended the garden and the livestock while their menfolk toiled in the fields. They had little option but either work until their backs gave out or starve, plus they had to pay heavy taxes for the rich.
by Lorelili November 07, 2010
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Any person who believes that console gaming is superior to pc gaming. You can identify most peasants by their young age, high pitched voice, and an odor of mountain dew and Doritos. Take pity on these poor souls and help them to ascend to the glorious pc master race.
console peasant: bro de human i cant c mor dan 30 fps and de xbox one has moar gooder ddr5 ram dan de faggit pc lul get rekt.

glorious brother:... sigh*
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