Quite possibly one of the most all time best foods ever to be found in the United States of America. These small, slinder noodles come in a variety of different flavors and are quick and easy to make. Also they are extremely cheap and can be found in almost any store.
Top Ramen Noodles are a extremely delicious treat.
by Phade July 16, 2004
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Instant noodles, comes in many different flavors.

A college student's staple food when he/she is too poor to buy real food.
I had to buy a month's supply of Ramen noodles because I spent most of my money paying for books and tuition. :^
by AYB February 24, 2003
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Totally delicous noodle soup comes in many flavors. Boil water add noodles and flavor pack and yum a nineteen cent meal!

also called crackhead soup in state prison
Man that nigga smiff stole the crackhead soup(Ramen noodles) out of my cell!
by Steve Thunder February 8, 2009
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Ramen Noodles - Ghetto style

If you're too lazy to cook them in water.. or if you don't have running water, a pot to cook them in and your gas or electricity was shut off... YOU CAN STILL ENJOY THEM.

Take a bag of ramen noodles (Top Ramen is the best known). Crunch them up in the bag, shake it, smash it, pulverize it if you like... just don't break the bag.

Then take the flavor packet.. pour it over the broken bits, close up the bag and shake it again... you end up with something akin to potato chips, only it's delicious raw ramen!
Yo mang, I just took some ramen noodles and made some ramizzle.. it's the shizzle!
by Zenophobe September 2, 2005
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one of the best collage foods next to mac and cheese and cold pizza
that explains it right there
by chicoblanco August 28, 2005
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Now avilable in lobster and crab
These ramen noodles are $2.50 for 30 and it's like seafood. whadda deal!
by aj December 10, 2003
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