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Jordan: "Where's Matt?"
Andrew: "He went to pooperbate."
Jordan: "Impressive, I didn't know he was a good at multitasking."
by JAMS2010 May 29, 2010
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Jacking off a shit that is half way out your ass
Dom: I'm Dark

Jake: Kind of like the shit I took today.

Leo: Did you pooperbate it?
by JChez11 August 03, 2011
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Verb. Pooperbated, pooperbates, pooperbating

Pooperbating, very similar to masturbating, is one of two things.

1) Sexual self-gratification while pooping, whether be in the toilet or on your partner.

2) Sexual self-gratification with the aid of fecal matter; either your own or anothers (human or animal).
"Man, my poop smelled so bad this morning I couldn't help but pooperbate with it."
by Chad and Jamen September 11, 2008
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When a light skin boy " Sammy Knepp " goes to the bathroom take a shit and masturebates at the same time.
Ex: a guy named Sammy knep was pooperbating in a friends house and they opened the door and saw him they where terrified that they were going to get pooperbated on
by Didn't wnjsjxnsjsj April 06, 2017
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