Leo is that one person who makes you feel comfortable and secure about yourself. The person you call every day and every night. That one boy who put up with you and your shit through every argument. Who supports you in every way and is genuinely the sweetest person ever.
Yes, hes such a leo
by _xella.iox_ September 9, 2019
Anthony: There is no word to describe him he’s just... Leo...

Nick: FR
by IDreamOfMemes June 22, 2018
Leo got that Reese’s peanut butter cut havin ahh boi
by Quequw January 11, 2020
He can be very mysterious and stubborn when you meet him but you need to gain his trust to see his full self, his hot look as he walks by is like a catwalk, he loves gaming and is most likely a loner.Leo can also be very insecure about himself and may have some trust issues but you really lucky if you have a best friend or even a boyfriend named Leo they are literally a charm, and very legendary!
Person 1:Omg that’s Leo!
Person 2:wasn’t he your best friend?
Person 1:yeah I really miss him….
by Someone….. May 22, 2021
The sweetest boy you will ever meet. They always listen to you and give you an endless amount of support. They are the type of people to come over at any hour just to make sure you are all right. If you have a Leo in your life, hold on to him. He will be the best person you ever meet.
He is so nice, he must be a Leo.
by ell.simpson September 3, 2018
Leo is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. He loves to talk and catch up with all the latest tea. Always is somehow involved in beef but never really. He can make you fell whole and when you speak to him you fell like yourself. He will tell the truth no matter what and will never lie especially not to friends.
my best friend is called Leo he is da best.
by da bestest human January 14, 2020