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Leos tend to come across as shy and nice, but once you get to know them they are absolutely insane. They can't say a sentence without some perverted joke or slang, but still are one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Leos will stand up for you and be there when you need them, but can be quick to turn their back on you if they feel you aren't worthy of your time. They tend to be very emotional and cocky, as well as quite arrogant, but if you meet the right one he may be a good partner. Leos aren't exactly dating material, as they can't even look women in the eyes if they don't know them well enough, and "flirting" is more of just telling sexual jokes instead of seduction. Their awkward personalities around love interests may be a downside, but if you meet a Leo whom you befriend, don't lose them. A good Leo is hard to come by.
Did you see how bad he was at flirting with that girl? Man, he's such a Leo.
by Lilac Skies November 11, 2017
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Leo is the one person who will complete you and stand by you no matter what....will make u feel good about yourself
by blaze girl May 18, 2017
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Leo is that one person who makes you feel comfortable and secure about yourself. The person you call every day and every night. That one boy who put up with you and your shit through every argument. Who supports you in every way and is genuinely the sweetest person ever.
Yes, hes such a leo
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by _xella.iox_ September 09, 2019
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Leo is a cute human being, he can be gay as hell, but he is sure cute. You can find a Leo no where good as my best friend, but you can try. Leo's are so fricken funny and tend to call lots of people whores. I literally love my Leo i have and i wouldn't change a damn thing to him.
"Hey, why are you giggling so much"

"Leo is texting me, i love him so much"
by Alex Ur Ugly April 08, 2019
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Persons born July 23rd to August 22nd.

"LEO is ruled by the Sun so the personality is charismatic, strong and is created to shine.They take on responsibility, naturally."

"Leos magnetic spirit and enthusiasm makes for success in any field but Leos require autonomy and some individual power over their work."

"Leo is Queen of the Zodiac. Her royal presence demands respect. Lions are like the Sun itself, warm and radiant, ready to help great and small, an"d give without counting the cost. No-one is kinder than a Lion, but can be badly hurt if people ignore or misunderstand them."

"If Leo is your Rising Sign, you're naturally cheerful, and walk out onto the world's stage with a smile on your face. People are drawn to you, heads turn, and ...let's be honest... you love it! You're neither proud nor pushy, but sometmes people see you like that. "

"Like every other aspect of life, love is for Leos something mythical that should be experienced to the full. Love should be significant, daring, spectacular and dramatic. A little affection is not their style. They love to be in love and they love playing the role of lover. With Leos you’re in for a real love experience."

"Leos are perfect lovers. They have the talent to create from every love something special and magical. They give the impression that two people are in love for the first time every in the history of the world. They love stylishly and without reservation and loyalty is part of their nature. Although Leos are vain and love being admired by members of the opposite sex, they are reliable partners and have the idealistic idea that love should be something dependable."

Excellent compatibility with Geminis for romantic relationships.
Are you a Gemini? Because I'm a Leo.
by j0813 January 13, 2005
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another word for absolutely perfect and gorgeous and funny and sweet and a gentleman
Guy: I just wanted to tell you that I miss you.
Girl: Aw babe you're so Leo!
by <3 Sarah December 01, 2006
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The BEST sign of the zodiac.
Very good looking and they get along with most everyone at a party - that's why they are always the center of attention. Very outgoing and have great personalities. Love excitement and luxurious lifestyles. Basically they have the whole package. Most people appreciate their awesomeness but some are jealous of their charisma and become bitches toward them. They are said to be egotistical but are actually really humble.
guy: damn that girl was so fine and a sweetheart too, she must be a leo!

don't hate me 'cause you ain't me - i'm a leo!
by edgar allen poe...i think July 23, 2008
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